A Moonshot goal permeates the desire for growth in the tech industry. An audacious corporate goal that is supposed to inspire 10× thinking and bring in breakthrough outcomes. The inspiration for corporate moonshots comes from President Kennedy’s plan to land a man on the Moon. However, these corporate moonshots are often amiss. Let’s revisit the history to find out why.

Exploring the space (Illustration by Icons 8 from Icons8)

Engaging business stakeholders as observers in usability testing is a good thing. But what should you do when the CEO asks to participate in a usability session?

Testing a website (illustration from icons8.com)
Testing a website (illustration from icons8.com)

Finding a customer problem worth solving is key to successful products and businesses. But how do you distinguish a pressing problem from a mere inconvenience? And what’s a customer problem anyway? Let me show you a Customer problem template to help you identify painstaking problems, as well as lead relevant discussions with your customers.

Two people having a conversation

Prepare research — recruit participants — talk to them — make sense of what you’ve heard. Rinse and repeat. It takes a lot of time and energy to get that invaluable feedback from your customers and you wouldn’t want to waste that effort by letting your ego roll over the interview, right?

Casual interview

Survey — the holy grail of understanding your customers at scale. But is it? It depends on how you ask questions.

Photo by Thierry Fillieul from Pexels

Braňo Šandala

As a freelance product designer, I help startups and software companies turn bold product ideas into thriving businesses.

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