• Peter Rod

    Peter Rod

    Designer, senior member of Mews Design team.

  • Rajesh Patel

    Rajesh Patel

  • Petr Stedry

    Petr Stedry

    Creating great user experiences at Pure Storage. Helping new designers grow at UXWell. Philosopher. Observer of people.

  • Janna Jackson

    Janna Jackson

    Data-driven operations strategist employing UX internally for process optimization, change management, problem discovery, and team development.

  • Ruben E.

    Ruben E.

    UX/UI Product Designer

  • Adam Hruby

    Adam Hruby

    I help to save the world by getting out of its way. www.hruby.guru

  • Ms TJ

    Ms TJ

  • Majo Moravcik

    Majo Moravcik

    http://www.majomoravcik.com / UX, UI designer

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